Our eye for detail, elegance and usability doesn’t stop with the structure. If it’s part of your home and your life, we are here to help. Our interior designers can create spaces that draw the eye and pull their weight. Every time you walk through a doorway, you should smile. You should have what you need conveniently to hand and be able to use the space comfortably. Practicalities like this should not be overlooked, nor should the highly personal question of style.


Introducing five new family homes situated within this popular private estate, located in the heart of Oxshott Village.


A home isn’t merely a roof and walls; a shelter from the elements. It isn’t simply a place to store objects and memories; life’s emotional and literal baggage. Nor is it only a place where we reflect, refresh, refuel and raise a family. It’s all those things and immeasurably more. Our homes are our lives, woven deeply into the perfectly tailored fabric of our very existence. They are our base, our rock, the foundations on which we build everything else.